Wedding Investment and Services

Robert Hamm Photography caters to a boutique wedding client. In this way, Robert directly curates your wedding and photography experience. These packages include up to full-day coverage and offer unique gifts as standard plan features.

Foremost among these are complete planning services, packages that include engagement sessions, upgraded gifts and albums, additional photographers, and boutique retail packaging.

Clients choose Robert Hamm Photography because of the care and attention taken to photograph your wedding and present it beautifully. Robert Hamm Photography makes sharing and downloading images easy by providing download access of images to all your guests, relatives, and friends watermark-free.

Invitations, Save the Date, & Thank You Cards

Robert Hamm Photography offers a full line of Premium invitations, save the date, and thank you cards. All of our hand-picked designs offer customizable layouts, a choice of premium materials and envelopes, provide spot gloss and foil options, and come with special finishes like pearl or luster. Return address printing on the envelope is available as well. Pricing is between $2.99 and $5.99 per card, depending on the options selected.

Free Engagement photography sessions are offered with the purchase of 25 cards or more. To redeem the free engagement session the client should book a package with the free session and order 25 or more cards from the engagement session gallery.

All images in the engagement gallery will remain locked and not available for download until the minimum order has been met. If the gallery owner would like to use the images for another purpose without purchasing cards from Robert Hamm Photography, then a $100 unlock fee will be charged and the images will be unlocked for use thereafter.

Aerial (drone) Photography and Videography

Robert Hamm Photography offers aerial imaging and videography at no additional charge. We are FAA Licensed Remote Pilots with Airmen Certification in Small Unmanned Aerial systems up to 55 pounds. Our company even has a special NAS Oceana Airspace authorization which allows us to fly in the restricted airspace governed by Naval Air Station Oceana. This means we can fly legally at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. 

Although we do not charge for aerial imaging, the use of an sUAS will impact your timeline. This may impact your total cost by requiring additional hours of photography, or by including the aerial imaging within your purchased package hours. A full day of photography package will not incur an additional expense because we provide a complete day of photography service at a single day-rate price. We provide planning for your event and will help you determine the length of photographic services, including aerial imaging, as outlined by an agreed-upon shot list. 

Note the following restrictions:

-We must clear flight time and dates with KTNU Tower two weeks prior to launch and must contact the tower 30 minutes before the scheduled flight for final clearance. 

-We will not fly in conditions unfavorable to aerial operations. This has to do with weather, wind, and rain, but can include other phenomena. 

-We do not fly in restricted airspace without Tower authorization. 

-We are under no obligation to fly at your wedding because you are not purchasing aerial imaging. We offer this as a benefit only when conditions are favorable to flight operations.

-We will cease and desist any flight at any time and for any reason the Remote Pilot In  Command determines that aerial operations must cease. This includes rowdy guests yelling at the s/UAS operator/pilot/crew or threats to "fly or else". 

-Contact us for more information such as registration number and license verification.

Robert Hamm Photography Wedding Videography Compilation

2021 Wedding Packages

Sweet n'  Simple  

Four (4) Hours of Wedding Photography

The following photography services included are:

a) Ceremony Photography,

b) Family Portraiture,

c) "Love Story" Bride and Groom Portraits,

d) Reception Photography,

e) Newlywed Sendoff Photography

Up to two (2) locations included

Personal Online Wedding Gallery

Boutique Image Editing

Online image delivery and download

Copyright Release

Special Notice

Please note that this package applies to weekday weddings (Monday through Thursday) only.

Not available on holiday weekends that may include a weekday.

This exclusion does not apply to clients of the Virginia Beach Wedding Company.

Esquire Wedding

Six (6) Hours of Wedding Photography

The following photography services included are:

a) Detail and location photography,

b) Ceremony Photography,

c) Family Portraiture,

d) Love Story Bride and Groom Portraits,

e) Reception Photography,

g) Newlywed Sendoff Photography

Up to four (4) locations included

One (1) 8x10 Premium Wedding Album

All Images on one (1) DVD in Boutique Packaging

Personal Online Wedding Gallery

Boutique Image Editing

Online image delivery and download

Copyright Release

Boutique Wedding

Eight (8) Hours of wedding Photography 

The following photography services included are:

a) Pre wedding-pep for bride and groom,

b) Detail and location photography,

c) Ceremony,

d) Family Portraiture,

e) Love Story Bride and Groom Portraits,

f) Reception photography,

g) Newlywed Sendoff Photography

Multiple locations as needed within the geographic area of the wedding

One (1) 8x10 Premium Wedding Album

Two (2) 8x8 Standard Wedding Albums

All images on three (3) DVD's in boutique packaging

Some Customization of deliverable products allowed

Personal Online Wedding Gallery

Boutique Image Editing

Online image delivery and download

Copyright Release

Signature Wedding

Full Day of Wedding Photography Coverage- Ten + (10+) Hours  

The following photography services included are:

a) Bridal party Hair and Make-up,

b) Groomsman's brunch,

c) Pre wedding-pep for bride and groom,

d) Detail and location photography,

e) Ceremony,

f) Family Portraiture,

g) Love Story Bride and Groom Portraits,

h) Reception photography,

i) Newlywed Sendoff Photography

Multiple locations as needed within the geographic area of the wedding

One (1) 45-minute engagement session (multiple use type)

One (1) 5-minute Love Story (Video Product) with stock music (can be upgraded)

Photographer Staffed Photo Booth and props with up to 800 filmstrips

One (1) 11x14 Lay Flat Photo album

Two (2) 8x10 Premium wedding albums

All images on three (3) DVD's in Boutique Packaging

Some Customization of  deliverable Products or substituted services allowed

Personal Online Wedding Gallery

Boutique Image Editing

Online image delivery and download

Copyright Release

Sweet n' Simple


Esquire Wedding


Boutique Wedding


Signature Wedding


Wedding Gallery Hosting Services

Hosting and archival services are provided complimentary for a limited time with all photography and videography packages, however, the complimentary hosting time varies greatly depending on the package purchased.

In general, A wedding package purchased from Robert Hamm Photography directly comes with six months of complimentary hosting.

Wedding packages purchased through partner venues come with one month of complimentary hosting.

Your digital images' additional hosting and archiving may be purchased in yearly terms at $100 per year.

Leaving a review of Robert Hamm Photography on the official Google page will grant an additional six months of complimentary hosting.    

Please contact RHP to purchase additional hosting or request the review link and have your gallery updated.

Live Stream Services

Robert Hamm Photography provides one live stream service: the My Live Wedding streaming service; with two upgrades to that service:  The Boutique Livestream Edit, and the Cinematic Livestream Edit. Note that the prices listed are valid when the service is added to a photography package. When purchased as a stand-alone option, the prices double.

Each service shares the same high broadcast quality of the "My Live Wedding" service. The difference is the "Boutique Live Stream Edit" and "Cinematic Live Stream Edit" allow downloads and provide very different post-production quality. The three services are radically different.  An explanation follows:

"My Live Wedding" Streaming Service $600 as an add-on, $1000 as standalone.

The Live Stream Service is exactly that: a live stream. It is designed to be a window into your event as if the viewer were there. When the wedding is over, so is the live stream. The stream link will expire 48-hours after the event. A download link is provided for your convenience.

Your live stream content will be produced and mixed live at the time of the event. No edits are provided as part of the live stream service because it is a live stream (as opposed to a live recording).

Your content will look and sound great. Technicians will work diligently to adapt to changes in lighting and the audio environment during the broadcast. The stream will be broadcast in 1080p and streamed at 5Mbps. Two cameras are used for this service. Wireless mics will be used for your audio: one on the groom, and one on the pastor. The stream is then broadcast using a live stream encoder over a cellular network when on location at a beach, or over wifi at any venue providing a stable wifi connection. 

A note on the stability of live stream services:

Weather, environmental, and solar phenomenon can impact the transmission of a wireless connection, resulting in dropped frames or discontinued audio. These events are outside the control of Robert Hamm Photography. Should this occur on your wedding day, Robert Hamm Photography will record a back-up of your wedding audio and video and provide the Cinematic Live Stream edit as described below, free. 

Cinematic Live Stream Edit (Upgrade to the standard download)  $400 as an add-on, $700 as standalone.

This is a complete replacement of the original stream with a separate 4k 150Mbps (30x the quality) internal recording. The live stream will be broadcast while at the same time the cameras record your complete event. The video will then be brought into an editor and mastered for cinematic effect. This means that camera transitions, zoom settings, and detail enhancement can be carried out after the fact. Any issues that could occur during live streaming can be fixed for the final video. Color, contrast, and exposure correction are all enhanced because of the larger data rate of the internally recorded files. Upon completion, this upgrade will replace your original stream and be provided with a download link.

A live stream is not a wedding video substitute. 

A live stream and wedding video are two very different products. Please do not confuse them. There are two main differences between them.

First, The final video quality.

A typical live stream is delivered in 1080p at 5 Mbps data rate. Compare that to a wedding video that is typically captured in 4k at 150+Mbps data rate. There is a lot that goes into the way Robert Hamm Photography creates your wedding video, but the biggest difference is the quality of the input footage. 

You may wonder why live streams don't offer higher quality. The answer is that they do. But the equipment to broadcast at such higher qualities is generally reserved for news stations and other similar operations. That kind of quality requires a direct satellite link, and it's the reason satellite dishes are on news vans and seen at live concerts. 

As 5G makes its way into the consumer market, specifically millimeter wave high band, we will slowly see live streaming on location in approach 4k 50 Mbps encoding and streaming. But for now, on location streaming, streaming on a beach and not in a studio, is limited to 1080 at 5 Mbps (which, by the way, is pretty high compared to the competition streaming at 720p 2 Mbps).

Second, the live stream is edited live, on the spot, through the use of a camera switcher and audio mixer.

All of this happens while the event is happening. It's a stressful time for the technicians because, well, it's live with hundreds of people watching. It is for this reason that the live stream does not replace a post-produced wedding video. With a wedding video, even if the video is live-streamed at the time of capture, the recorded video can then be edited after the broadcast in editing software.

This allows for the best possible edit to be frame-by-frame perfect. If the live stream caught "Uncle Bob" picking his nose, then the post-production wedding video can simply choose a different camera angle. The end product won't have "Uncle Bob" picking his nose because that part can simply be replaced in the edit. 

Finally, a live stream isn't a replacement for a proper wedding video because Robert Hamm Photography only uses two cameras for the live stream service. Even if the client requests the Cinematic Live Stream Edit, which would allow for the use of the internally recorded high-quality video, only two cameras are used. All wedding videos are produced using three or four cameras. This gives more choice in the edit and makes for a more interesting video. 

Videography Services

Videography Services when added on to a current wedding plan:

Robert Hamm Photography offers three different video products; Love Story, Boutique Highlight, and Cinematic Video.

The Love Story $1000 when purchased with a photography package and

$1500 when purchased without a photography package.

This is a video focusing on the Bride and Groom. It is romantic in nature, one song in length, and comes with standard stock music of your choice. The Final video is generally 4-5 minutes in length. No wedding audio is captured.

The Boutique Highlight $1900when purchased with a photography package and

$2800 when purchased without a photography package.

This video is like a 12-minute  three-act play. It includes a love story, the ceremony, and the after-party. Each section of the video has its own stock music, theme, and feel. The Love Story is romantic, the Ceremony is dignified and beautiful, and the after-party will reflect the environment of your reception; generally energetic. The final video length is between 10-15 minutes long. No wedding Audio is recorded.

The Cinematic Video $3300 when purchased with a photography package and

$5500 when purchased without a photography package.

This is a feature-length video that includes full wedding ceremony audio and family/guest well wishes to the bride and groom. The audio is recorded using professional audio equipment. Your choice of stock music is also provided to augment the soundscape.

This product is a cinematic short film production about 60 minutes in length. It walks through the entire wedding day- from hair and make-up, groomsman's brunch, bridesmaids lunch, wedding preparation, ceremony, a special reading of the vows and first look, the reception, and ends with the Newlywed's sendoff.

All Video Products include careful planning, beautiful editing and color correction, multiple cameras and angles, and subtle transitions. Delivery of video may occur flash drive due to the size of the file. When there is an option, you will be able to make the choice between disk or drive.


A Note on Music Choice:

You may choose your own music to accompany your video by providing it to me or purchasing a license from the music agency (support provided y RHP for this purpose). Please note that licensing commercial music by a well-known artist is generally outside the capabilities of most clients as the commercial license can cost 10's of thousands of dollars. Instead, many couples choose to use stock music or purchase a license for a cover of the song they like. Cover licenses are songs sung by another artist but generally in the style of the original artist. Their benefit is that they sound beautiful, are able to be posted online because of the license purchased, and generally cost less than $100. 

Videography Services when purchased as a stand-alone package:

A discount is applied when purchasing wedding photography and videography. That discount is stated above.  For stand-alone purchases, the description of each video product remains the same as when purchased with a photography plan. The pricing changes as follows:

Photo Booth and Additional Services

Additional Hours of Photography:

Should you require additional hours of photography for the Sweet 8 and Signature 15 wedding plans, each additional hour will be billed at $225.

Additional Photographers:

An additional photographer, when requested by the bride or groom and purchased alongside a listed photography package above, is $500 for half a day, or $1000 for the entire day. Half a day service is four hours. Full-day service is eight hours.

Photo Booth Services:

Photo booths run consecutively with the reception. Prices are based on four hours. All services include custom backdrop, lights, props, custom-designed filmstrip template, the option to upgrade from film strips to portraits, immediate print services, up to 800 filmstrip prints, and all digital images delivered online. $325 as an add-on$625 purchased as stand-alone

Scrapbooking Service:

The scrapbooking service includes a custom-made scrapbook for the bride and groom presented to them at the end of the reception. It includes fully edited images, cutouts, scrapbooking stickers, and a theme to match the couple, and guest signatures. This service is amazing. It is our most requested add-on. $250 when purchased as an add-on.$500 stand-alone.

Image Editing Services

Robert Hamm Photography offers Boutique Photo Editing standard with all wedding packages and offers Reconstructive photo edits as an upgrade option when needed. 

No Edit - Not available from Robert Hamm Photography

Some photographers do not curate or edit their photos. They photograph in a low-resolution mode (such as JPEG) and then post all of those images to an online gallery or burn the images to a disk or flash drive for delivery without editing or culling the images. This is extremely careless photography know as "shoot and burn", and is not practiced by Robert Hamm Photography. 

Standard Edit- Not available from Robert Hamm Photography

Standard edit photography generally allows for shooting in a higher resolution mode, such as for the camera raw file, and then uses software to process the image for delivery. Standard edits are created by applying "preset" photo characteristics to the image and allowing the computer software to auto adjust the image. Color, exposure, and contrast correction are made by the computer- not the photographer, and no blemish removal is offered. This photography editing style is not practiced by Robert Hamm Photography. 

Boutique Edit - Included with all images delivered by Robert Hamm Photography

Robert Hamm Photography is proud to offer boutique image editing with all services and products. Boutique Image editing is just that- a high-resolution magazine quality edit consisting of exposure, color, and contrast correction with skin softening and blemish removal. Each image is meticulously looked at by Robert, evaluated for photographic merit and album inclusion, edited, and proudly delivered.  About ninety-five percent (95%) of all images edited by Robert Hamm fall into this category. The rest need some form of reconstruction as detailed next.

Reconstructive Edit - Available as needed by Robert Hamm Photography      

Reconstructive editing is a kind of edit that rebuilds an image to correct some unwanted elements within the photo. Reconstruction can include body-scaping (slimming parts of the body), landscaping (such as adding in clouds to an overcast day), or facial reconstruction (such as removing swear, repairing scars, removing Rosacea, et.cetera).

Reconstructive edits are labor-intensive and contain many steps. All boutique image editing steps must be done first, then the image is ready for reconstruction in Adobe Photoshop. General editing time per image can range between thirty-minutes and one hour.           

Robert Hamm offers posing and portraiture advice for all couples. This is one way to minimize the need and cost for reconstructive edits. With this in mind, only about five percent (5%) of images may need reconstruction, and that is up to the client.

For example:

1) If your best man forgot to wear red socks and you want those socks changed from red to blue, or

2) an overcast sky ruined your family portraits and you want to replace that sky with a better one, or

3) if you are very concerned about your image and think a particular image needs Robert to hit the "ten-pound-button";

Then Robert Hamm Photography can accommodate that request.

Pricing is dependent upon the total number of images requested, the minimum service is $50 for one image. Multiple images discount available upon request.

Image Editing Examples

Rush Delivery

Rush delivery services are available dependent upon the current volume of work Robert Hamm Photography is experiencing. TherRush service guarantees delivery of images within one week.

When rush services are requested, the service will be limited to one gallery of images. Robert Hamm Photography generally delivers five galleries for full wedding photography. They are Detail Images, Pre Wedding Images, Ceremony Images, Reception Images, and Formal Images. 

The rush service charge is $500 per gallery. Most brides would like an assortment of images from all their galleries. If that is what the bride would like, Robert Hamm Photography will choose 100 images from across all galleries to provide a Photographer Favorites gallery.  Your remaining images will be delivered at the normal time.

If you wish to have your entire wedding delivered as a rush service, then the price would be $2,500. 

If your wedding was an elopement or short photography service, then the rush service will apply to all your images. This is generally an option when Robert Hamm Photography is providing photographic services through a wedding planning company to an outside wedding planner. 


Robert Hamm Photography provides a unique boutique photography service. Our clients are those looking for a professional to provide expertise, planning, curation, posing, and editing with one single goal in mind. To curate your wedding with the eye of a historian. As such, pricing is set for the next year every July and updated in February as needed. As the service provided by Robert Hamm is unique and highly customized to the individual, no discounts are offered outside of current pricing with the following exceptions:

Member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America:

Please contact us for full details.

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