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"Robert Hamm was very professional and did an outstanding job. He was everywhere without being intrusive at our wedding. The photos after he put the final touches look outstanding. I would definitely hire him again. He is perfect for someone who is on a budget for anything."

Aimee M.


"Robert did a wonderful job in the entirety. Couldn't really see how everything fell together with us being in ceremony. When the pictures were delivered, we were in awe. He seemed to be everywhere without being noticed, and photographed our wedding with style and beauty- Thank you, Robert!"

Sarah A.

RHP SCRU 10282018 Formal Images #55 (c) Robert Hamm

"A very thoughtful and conscientious photographer. He captured all the important moments of my day beautifully. His kindness, sense of poise, and experience elevated our wedding and put us at ease. We are truly blessed to have worked with Robert. He provided a beautiful chronology of our wedding day."

Shaina W.

RHP VGAY 08292016 Reception Images 102 (c) 2016 Robert Hamm

"Working with Robert was very fun. I have never been photographed by a professional and Robert made me very comfortable. My pictures are beyond wonderful. I can't even describe how gorgeous my college graduation portraits are. If you want great pictures at a great price choose Robert Hamm."

Victoria D.


"Robert Hamm was outstanding in every way. He arrived ahead of time, took initiative in a pleasant appealing way and his photos were great. He put our singers at ease and they enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend Robert Hamm and will use him again as often as I can."

Shay R.

0274 RHPPGUI05172014 © Robert Hamm Photography

"The best wedding photos my wife and I have ever seen. That's why we had Rob take our wedding photos and they were FANTASTIC, we can't say enough great things about Rob and his photography abilities."

Priscilla F.

RHP ASNO 06112016 Formal Portraits 18 (c) 2016 Robert Hamm

"Mr. Hamm was our wedding photographer and we highly recommend him. He really capture the moment that we were looking for in our photo's ! Very professional ,on time on point very comfortable to work with. I can just look up on my wall or photo book and see our gorgeous photos and it takes me back to that moment in time . I'm truly glad that we had him for our photographer and look forward to having him capture more of our special moments in the future."

Ashley B.

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