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Your Guide to Cutting Edge Photography Technique

For prospective clients and enthusiasts just starting out in the photography world, there are thousands of questions. Most people just want to know how to get quick shots that look great. Others are looking to master their craft. Still, clients want to know that their perspective photographer is an expert in their field. 

Photography Now, a series on the ins-and-outs of photography, is an authoritative look at photography both from aspiring newcomers and potential clients alike. Hamm has not only authored the material, but strives to educate onlookers to the exciting world of light-through-the-lens. Check out the series that most interests you, but no matter what, check them all out! 

Photography Now: Image Composition Series

Have you ever seen a picture that took you breath away? We all have. Those awe inspiring moments have more to do with planning than anything else. No matter how great someone is at editing an image, one can only hope to get as much out of the camera as they put into the camera. I'm not talking money here; I'm talking composition.

The Photography Now: Image Composition Series Looks at the more technical aspects of your camera, gear, and theory. Here, Robert Hamm discusses how your camera works; explaining shutter speed, aperture, and exposure in a way that makes sense to beginners. Pair this foundation with an overview of subject positioning, reading light, and the ever ominous white balance, and the aspiring new enthusiast is well on their way to becoming a pro. 

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Photography Now: Post Production Series

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Do you have a picture in your mind but can't get the image to come out of the camera? Have you ever wondered how some photographs have that beautiful surreal coloring; where the light and tone look like something out of a dream? The answer is, yes, of course. But the question is, "How can I do that?" 

Photographer Robert Hamm explains how to edit your images in the Photography Now: Post Production Series. Here, Hamm lays out the idea of image editing while explaining editing features that are shared between many editing software programs. this list doesn't just include  Aperture or Photoshop, instead these tips will apply to and GIMP platforms as well.

If none of these programs sound familiar to you, do not worry! This course in creativity will have you painting rainbows with light after the first lesson (Robert does not expect anyone to paint rainbows with light literally, but you could with a unicorn in Robot Unicorn Attack 1 and 2. This is one of Robert's favorite iOS games, but please, don't tell Charlie...the unicorn).

Photography Now: Pro-Tips Series

Do you know how to determine the aperture size, not value, but how big the aperture is at a certain focal length? How about explaining what a GN (guide number) is? What are your thoughts on a soft box verses umbrella? 

Wether or not you know what they are or have steadfast opinions on the above subjects, the Photography Now: Pro-Tips Series is for you. Here Robert Hamm discusses a topic quickly, usually in under five minutes, to help you get right into your photography. Wouldn't you rather be behind the lens instead of a computer screen? Robert thinks so too. 

This series begins answering the questions regarding RAW and JPEG shooting, how to use a MANUAL flash (because if you can do this correctly you will never have to worry when your TTL conks out), or streamlining your workflow. From Photography Expert to an aspiring business owner, the Pro-Tips series has your answers on tap.

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Photography Now: Client Q&A Series

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Do you think all this technical talk is O.K., but really just need some questions answered? Are you wondering why some photographer just gave you a ridiculously expensive quote? Have you ever thought, "Really, my uncle has a camera too?" If so then you need this series.

The Photography Now: Client Q&A series by Robert hamm demystifies the process, explains a photographers work flow, and talks about photography pricing in a voice that is friendly and easy to understand.

Within this series, Hamm goes the extra mile by taking the time to make it all make sense. If you are interviewing photographers or if you are a photographer thinking about starting your own business, you've got to view this course.

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