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Live Streaming of weddings will be shown on this page.

If you view this page and see no video, that is normal.

A video player will not be seen until about  24-hours before your wedding.

Not all weddings start on time. Please be patient and refresh this page if needed.

Share this page with anyone you want to see your wedding.

The stream form the Content Delivery Network will be Unlisted, so only people on this page will see your video. You may post the following link to your social networks, email to friends and family, text message to phone contacts, and anywhere else you want to invite people to watch. If copying by hand, it is imperative that the "L" in live be capitalized. Otherwise, the link won't work.

Once the wedding has occurred, the live stream will be over. The live stream video will remain online for two days for continued viewing. 

What is a Live Stream

The Live Stream Service is exactly that: a live stream. It is designed to be a window into your event as if the viewer were there. When the wedding is over, so is the live stream. No downloads are provided, but the link will remain viewable for forty-eight hours after the event.

Your live stream content will be produced and mixed live at the time of the event. No edits are provided as part of the live stream service because it is a live stream. Your content will look and sound great. Technicians will work diligently to adapt to passing clouds and the changing audio environment. However, the final product will be delivered as is at the time of completion.

If you would like a special edit and downloadable copy of your event, see "Downloads and Upgrades" below.

Live Stream and Music Copyright

The music you play at your wedding will very likely be from a copyright holder source. Technically, you don't have the right to broadcast/play that music at your wedding without paying a royalty. This is because your wedding is a "public gathering" according to copyright law (even though we all know it's a private family event). Because of this, all Content Delivery Networks must screen audio for copyright infringement. If copyright audio is found in your live stream the Content Delivery Network may remove that audio, place a banner on the video, or take down the video.

If this sounds scary, it is, just don't worry too much. Robert Hamm Photography has a partnership with YouTube (the Content Delivery Network RHP uses) which allows for the streaming of copyright audio. If your audio is identified as copyright, youtube may simply place a banner on the video. The banner can easily be turned off by clicking the "x" on the banner. 

However, there is a much simpler way to avoid the copyright claim on your video, and it's something Robert Hamm Photography includes with your live stream service. Nine out of ten copyright claims are easily avoided by placing the microphone on the groom and pastor instead of micing the speaker. This way you get the best-spoken audio possible and avoid most copyright banners.

Copyright banners and claims can be tricky. If you are concerned about your music selection, please contact Robert Hamm Photography. He will contact the Content Delivery Network on your behalf and let you know if there will be an issue with your selection. Because of the Partnership between Robert Hamm Photography and YouTube, there has never been a video taken down because of copyright. Some videos have a copyright alert/banner as explained above. In that instance just click the "x" to dismiss the banner. 

How Live Streaming Works

To live stream, one must secure the equipment, create a stream key, rout the stream to an encoder, set up the encoder to match the requirements of the content delivery network, prepare the live stream event so that it can be shared and viewed, and manage the live stream throughout the broadcast.

Robert Hamm Photography uses large sensor Documentary ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Camcorders and Professional Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras for all live broadcasting. Depending on the Streaming service requested, up to three cameras can be used to give your event a cinematic production feeling.

Professional audio is obtained using industry-leading wireless microphones. The microphones are placed on the groom and pastor during the ceremony. That audio is then wirelessly transmitted back to the camera and replaces the on-camera audio. This ensures that the audio is cohesive and reduces extemporaneous noises such as wind and most background chatter.

The video and audio signal is then routed through an encoder. The encoder is required for compressing the very high data-rate video/audio captured by the cameras into a feed that can be broadcasted to the Content Delivery Network through a cellular connection. This is the process that allows your viewers to watch your wedding.

Robert Hamm Photography uses YouTube as its Content Delivery Network. YouTube provides very high data-throughput for live broadcasting, much higher than Facebook and others. Your stream will be delivered in up to 1080p at 5 MBps.  Just like any cellular or wireless signal, overall delivery quality may be affected by weather and other environmental phenomena.

Broadcast Crew Operations

SIngle camera broadcasts will have one technician managing the entire process. Multiple camera streams may have additional technicians. Unless a client specifically requests and hires multiple technicians, the number of technicians provided will be determined by Robert Hamm Photography. 

All representatives of Robert Hamm Photography are capable Videographers and Photographers. In some situations, the technician will perform both videography and photography services. This is normal, especially with single-camera broadcasting where photography is requested.

The technician will arrive about thirty minutes before the live stream is scheduled and begin setting up the broadcast. This will include placing equipment, instructing participants on how to look their best on camera, and fitting microphones on the pastor and groom. 

The broadcast will begin about fifteen minutes before the scheduled wedding time and continue until the last person in the wedding party walks back down the aisle. That action will conclude the broadcast obligation and the technician will recover the mics and equipment and depart.

Downloads and Upgrades

You have two options for downloading your live stream: The Boutique Livestream Edit and the Cinematic Livestream Edit. The two are radically different. 

Boutique Live Stream Edit (upgrade)

This includes mastering the original live stream 1080p 5Mbps capture. Color and contrast correction,  brightness enhancement, sharpening, Audio normalization, and trimming the intro and outro are all included. Upon completion, this upgrade will replace your original stream and be provided with a download link.

Cinematic Live Stream Edit (upgrade)

This is a complete replacement of the original stream with a separate 1080p 25Mbps (5x the quality) internal recording. The live stream will be broadcast while at the same time the cameras record your complete event.

The video will then be brought into an editor and mastered for cinematic effect. This means that camera transitions, zoom settings, and detail enhancement can be carried out after the fact. Any issues that could occur during live streaming can be fixed for the final video. Color, contrast, and exposure correction are all enhanced because of the larger data rate of the internally recorded files. 

Upon completion, this upgrade will replace your original stream and be provided with a download link.

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