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Access to your gallery, hosting, and maintenance is free for a limited time with all Robert Hamm Photography packages.

Generally, Clients who contract directly with Robert Hamm Photography will receive between six months and one year of free hosting. Brides who book Robert Hamm Photography through a third party will receive two months of free hosting. Hosting time always begins after the images are published. Check your contract for more information about hosting. You will find the hosting time on the last page of all Robert Hamm Photography contracts.

What happens when my hosting lapses?

Once the free hosting time has elapsed, you may purchase additional hosting at $100 per year. Robert Hamm Photography will continue to archive your original images as a physical copy in offline storage and make high-definition downloads available for online access during the renewed hosting period. You will not have to worry about ever losing your precious memories because Robert Hamm PHotography will always have a backup.

What if I don't want to purchase additional hosting?

If you don't want to purchase additional hosting then you MUST download your images before the hosting period ends. Robert Hamm Photography keeps archived copies of your images for two years after hosting has ended. After that, the images will be qued for deletion. 

I want to restore access to my images.

If you would like to restore access to your gallery, if available, a restoration fee will apply along with hosting. Restoration fees will be determined at the time restoration is attempted.

Who do I contact about hosting, restoration, and gallery services?

Please email Robert Hamm Photography for help accessing or restoring your gallery.

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