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Photographing Your Families Special Occasions

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Excitement abounds when I hear the awesome plans that people have when they  tell me about their photographic desires. I really get involved and my gears start turning when someone says they want a picture that emphasizes their families personalities. I enjoy getting to know the individuals involved and then getting that shot at just the right time. Sometimes it's a sunrise shoot, other times it's an evening dinner. In any event I have as much enjoyment taking the photos as the family does viewing them. 

Portrait Photography

Starting at 149 per package, family portraits are your gateway to a wonderful evening with your family. Whether you need studio shots to hang over the mantle as your family portrait or if you just want a night out on the town, family photography is the best way to go.

Usually these sessions cost less than proposal, engagement, or graduation photography because the environment is much less confined. Here your family and I get to know one another and I just "blend in" with you on whatever outing you are on. Feel like a celebrity as your personal "paparazzi" documents your special evening. 

Deliverable Items will vary from shoot to shoot and clients desire. Prices are higher on holidays .

Included in this price is  photo color correcting, blemish removal, and light retouching. The price covers one hour of shooting time at one location. Deliverable items depend on the type of service, however, about 20 edited photos per hour of photography is the average.

Engagement Photography

Proposal photography is my absolute most favorite kind of photography bar-none. I think that it is beautiful and a wonderful expression of love. In fact I get caught up in the moment too.

Generally speaking engagement photography starts out at $295, but can be more depending on the needs of the client.

When it comes to photographing your proposal, and I'm talking to to men here, I love to be a part of the planning process. The thing is most guys are really passionate but have a hard time expressing their romantic side. This is where I come in. Not only will I photograph the proposal, but I will help plan it too.

Many clients come and ask me to photograph their proposal after we met me at a wedding I was shooting. By the time I get all the details of the occasion I find that it sounds something like this, "I want to propose next Friday at the beach. Are you available at 3?" When I ask if they would prefer North Beach or South Beach, would they like to be shot close to the water or away from it, they usually don't know. That's great for everyone involved because it gives us a change to plan. Normally I make a few suggestions on time of day and location, as well as give direction on how to stand and which way to face during the proposal.

It is these small things that help organize a process that usually comes straight off the hip. When I'm shooting I look just like any other beach-goer around because I take my son along with me. He loves helping and it let's me get close to the proposal undetected when the groom goes to one knee. This is an awesome feeling.

The deliverables from this kind of session vary, but most couples choose to receive the family package. This package is listed on my site when you go to purchase photos from your online gallery. It's $25 including 1 8x10, 2 5x7, and 4 4x6.

All deliverable photos are color correcting, undergo blemish removal, and light receive retouching. The price covers one hour of shooting time at one location. Deliverable items depend on the type of service, however, twenty edited photos per hour of photography is the average.

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