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What services are included with your complete packages?

We are excited to offer complete packages with an engagement or portrait session, eight (8) hours of wedding photography, and your choice between a multi-cam wedding Live stream with download or our Signature Love Story Videography film. It's up to you!

Will I receive any physical prints with my wedding package?

All of our wedding packages come with free online hosting in your own private gallery and a special download code to download your watermark-free deliverable images. We offer additional options to receive physical prints ranging from a print book of 4x6" prints to murals, wall art, and albums.

How many images will be delivered to my online gallery?

Robert Hamm Photography regularly delivers around 500 images per eight-hour wedding. We curate the images into five albums: detail images, pre-wedding images, wedding ceremony images, reception images, and formal images. Deliverable images differ from wedding to wedding based on time and event. Some folders will have more images than others. We do not deliver every image we take, provide the client with raw or unedited images, or shoot in .JPEG and deliver the SD card (also known as shoot-and-burn photography).  

Where can I print my digital images?

You can print your images for personal use wherever you like! Commercial use will require a print release. Each of your images has a print use license digitally applied to the file. This is not something you will ever see on your images. It is embedded in the file code itself and helps with piracy and unauthorized use. 

Will my images be watermarked?

Robert Hamm Photography will never watermark any of your deliverable images. No watermarks! We may create collage images for use on social media and advertising purposes. This will have a watermark.

How do we book you?

It's easy. Just email me using the  "request a quote" link. We will schedule a phone call. Once we have discussed your wedding and come up with a plan, I will create a contract and invoice for you to sign and fund. All bookings require a $1000 down-payment and a completed contract to be entered on our wedding photography schedule.

Do you offer any additional services?

Robert Hamm Photography provides these services:

photography, photo booth. videography, aerial photography and videography,  live stream video services, DJ and Emcee services, photo albums, wedding stationery, physical prints, wall art, and gifts.   

Do you edit the pictures?

Yes! All deliverable images pass through our team editing process. We sort and cull your images into individual albums, white balance and color correct all images. Adjust for exposure, composition, and subject, smooth skin, whiten teeth and eyes, and even do a little light bodyscaping as needed. We have several sets of eyes on your images throughout the entire process. You are going to love your images. That's our promise.

What services does Robert Hamm Photography offer?

Robert Hamm Photography is a full-service, boutique, wedding photography studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We offer stunning wedding photography, gorgeous videography, immersive 360 photos and video, full editing services. New for 2022! We have expanded our team with exciting DJ and Emcee services including lights and smoke for your event.

How long is your processing time for deliverable images?

We use a team edit process. Our photographers, like Bill and Kim, work hand in hand with you and Robert to perfectly craft your photographic journey. Our editing begins with good planning and excellent raw images on the wedding day. Your photographer will begin the edit and deliver those images to Robert a few days after the wedding. Robert will then continue the edit and finalize the images. The entire process takes between nine and twelve weeks. This does not include holidays or unexpected workflows. 

Do you send our images out to be edited by another company?

NO! We are an in-house editing photography studio- This ensures that your images have the look, feel, and aesthetic that you dream of. Robert Hamm edits every image that comes through the studio to make sure your images are perfect memories of your wedding day.

Who will photograph my wedding?

Unlike other wedding photography companies, Robert Hamm Photography has a small team of photographers that live in Virginia Beach, Va. We don't contract out individuals from afar that we have never met in person as some companies do. This means that our team is a well-oiled, friendly, knowledgeable unit. We are excellent in what we do. 

Robert is the owner. He does it all: photography videography, live stream, licensed sUAS aerial pilot, chief editor, and your direct point of contact for all initial introduction and planning. Quinn is our Coordinator. She makes sure the gears of the business keep turning, managing our clients, calendar, and payments. Bill is the First Photographer. He specializes in photography and videography. He is also an assistant editor.  Kim photographer and assistant editor. She is our black and white photography expert. George is our chief graphic designer. He curates our online presence, look, and feel. From website to photo album, George makes it happen. 

Who will photograph your wedding? It could be any of the team! We are all photographers first. You will most likely have some combination of Robert, Bill, and Kim.

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