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"Have your wedding cake and eat it too with photography that matches your style. Get professional service now and purchase the portraits you love after you have seen the final might-I-say-BEAUTIFUL result!" - Robert Hamm

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Beautiful weddings photographed by Talented photographers

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Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography 



"How to have your cake and eat it too!"

This is no gimmick and there are no hidden fees. When you redeem your LivingSocial.com voucher you are reserving your wedding photography service, gallery, and twelve fully edited images with no-strings-attached and no additional fees (see special information about the service area of this deal).

"You can have professional wedding photography"

This means that you CAN have professional wedding photography at a great price. Of course, there is another reason to pick this deal: you don't have to pay for everything right up front. Most guests will probably choose a few more than twelve images. It's likely that within the next year you will decide to unlock all of the beautiful images at just a dollar each!

Not yet convinced? No problem.

"Not convinced yet, no problem"

Consider that the leading national wedding photography brand, Wedding Bug, offers this same service for $695 (as of 7/1/2016 weddingbug.com). That's six-hundred-and-ninety-five-dollars UP FRONT...

With our wedding package you pay for your service, a wedding gallery and a few of your favorites now with the LivingSocial.com voucher -and- buy additional images at a time that best fits your budget and needs.

"Average savings of almost $300 compared to national brands"

Choose to purchase a few extra images or all of them. Considering that we usually deliver about 200 excellent images from each four hour wedding, if you bought them all at a buck a pop you would still be saving almost $300 compared to our national competitor!

"Let's do the math"

Get the voucher for your wedding at LivingSocial.com for $299.

Choose to purchase 200 images from your wedding for $1 each is $200

Add it together and you just had your wedding photographed for $499. You did it your way on your terms and you got a quality service that fit your budget. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Here's What You Get

* This Package offers 4 hours of Professional Wedding Photography.

* A private online proofing gallery with about 200+ fully edited portraits

* Your choice of 12 beautiful images ready for download and sharing

* Full Portrait Rights to the 12 included images and any additional images you choose to purchase

* A generous discount on additional image purchases with packages as low as a $1 per image

* The ability to order prints, enlargements, photo albums and more directly from your gallery

* This package includes service within Virginia Beach, Virginia, by one photographer.

"You want affordable, not cheap."

You appreciate nice things.  As professional photographers, we are thankful you care enough to consider a professional for your precious images. We will chronicle your wedding in a way that tells your story beautifully for years to come.

"Your story told beautifully."

Your images are professionally crafted, edited, and curated specially for you. LivingSocial.com and I teamed up to make the best deal out there at the very best price possible. This deal does just that. You get a real pro for your wedding with the support of an established photographic agency to professionally edit your images and the benefit of a year to view your images and choose your favorites.


1. To redeem a LivingSocial.com voucher as retainer for wedding photography service, the client must give consideration, consent to the terms,  and sign a wedding contract with Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography.

2. The LivingSocial.com voucher is for wedding photography service, twelve fully edited (12) images of your choosing, and includes an online wedding gallery to view images created from your wedding day.

3. The private proofing gallery is password and image protected. It only allows for viewing images  form your wedding day. The gallery will remain available for 364 days from the date of your wedding.

4. You will choose and download the included twelve (12) images included with this package using a download code which will be provided at the time the gallery is published.

5. Additional image purchases and downloads will be facilitated through the gallery itself.

6. Purchase digital image files for download as packages to best suit your budget:

   a) 1-24 digital images for $6 each;

   b) 25-49 digital images for $5 each;

   c) 50-99 digital images for $4 each;

   d) 100-149 digital images for $3 each;

   e)150-199 digital images for $2 each;

   f) 200+ digital images for $1 each.

7. The package includes 4-hours of service, however, if additional photographic time may be purchased in whole increment values of one (1) hour each for $99 each. Each additional hour of service will also grant an additional three (3) image downloads.

8. All digital images purchased will be made available for download by a one time use code to your private wedding gallery.

9. Personal use print release will be granted to the bride and groom for each image purchased.

10. Generally speaking, about 200-250 image’s are placed in the proofing gallery from the four hours our photographer spends with you. This is a generality and varies depending on the unique nature of the your wedding.

11. Additional travel fees for these cities are Norfolk $25, Chesapeake $35, Portsmouth $40, Suffolk $60, Hampton 75$, Newport News $90, Williamsburg $125

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I bought the voucher but don't think this is a good fit anymore. Can I get a refund?

 This question has two answers depending on if you have a voucher that has not reached its expiration date, a voucher that has been redeemed, and an expired voucher.

A1. Since the vouchers are purchased from LivingSocial.com your satisfaction is guaranteed through them. Make sure that you are within the refund date on your voucher and contact LivingSocial.com directly. Refunds for the voucher come from LivingSocial.com directly.

A2. If you have redeemed your voucher and have an active wedding contract, then the voucher was accepted as retainer payment for your wedding. In this instance there is no refund. Retainers are accepted as payment for holding your date available for you and guaranteeing that service will be provided as outlined. Planning time and resources are put into your wedding and the retainer is payment for these activities and others. Therefore, the retainer and ALL monies paid are retained to offset the loss of business and work performed for any wedding which is canceled.

A3. If you have a voucher that is expired, you are still in luck. Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography will accept the voucher for the redeemed value towards photographic services as outlined by the voucher at the time of purchase.

Q. I bought a voucher from LivingSocial.com. What exactly did I buy?

A. You bought a Voucher redeemable as retainer payment for services from Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography. The voucher, once redeemed and a wedding photography services contract is drafted and signed, is redeemable as the retainer payment to secure photographic service for the time specified in your contract. It entitles you to: a) competent photographic service, b) photographic planning, c) photography service for the time specified, d) the ability to view images from your wedding on a private gallery for a time of 364 days from your wedding day, e) your pick of 12 fully edited digital images, f) full print rights for the 12 included images and any subsequent images purchased, and  g) discounts on further image purchases within the 364 day time period with image packages as low as one dollar per image.

Q. How are Robert Hamm Photography and Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography related?

A1. Robert Hamm Photography is a boutique photographic business operating in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This operation is specifically designed to provide professional end-to-end concierge service to wedding couples who are concerned with a complete photographic planning , excellent audio, video, and photographic services, multiple deliverable products, and a customized experience from wedding gallery to print production.

A2. Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography is a service designed to offer excellent photography for affordable prices. Because of this, Esquire packages are not often complete packages in the sense of start-to-finish photographic coverage. Instead, these packages offer a base service to cover the photographic needs and allow the client to choose the packages that fit their individual needs and budget best.

Q. Do I get to choose who photographs my wedding?

A. Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography is a service designed around a modular operational workflow. As a result of this modular approach, Esquire packages are able to provide some of the most affordable professional photographic service in this market. Although you don't get to choose your photographer, you can rest assured that you will still receive an experienced talented professional on your wedding day.

Q. How do I know you will do what you promise to do? Are there any guarantees?

A. As a client of Robert Hamm's Esquire Weddings & Photography  you will be provided with a complete contract outlying all aspects of the service to be provided to you. It will state specifically what you purchased, what you redeemed, how many images will be included for download, how long your gallery will remain in effect, the cancelation policy and a lot more too.

A. Since receiving a contract means redeeming a LivingSocial.com voucher as the retainer payment, there are no refunds after you sign the contract and redeem the voucher. Please see the "Refund" question above. If you have not redeemed your voucher  just contact LivingSocial.com.

A. You will be provided with a complete contract for you to consider and the date you have requested will remain available to you for the one week time while you consider the contract. After which you would need to request a new contract or you can decline the contract altogether. It is important to read through the wedding contract and ask any questions you may have. After signing the contract both the contractee and contractor will be bound to the terms and conditions of the contract.

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