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The Top Ten things to Know about Fujifilm Instax Film

5/26/2017 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA   A few months ago, my brother came to visit. It was a special time because I had not seen him in so long. He was also brought his three boys. Adding my two “little men” and myself to the party, our total soon grew to seven. Boy, were we rolling deep!

Humor aside, I wanted something special to document the occasion. Going out on a limb, I chose to photograph most his trip on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 as well as Instax Mini film. I had to buy the system since I didn’t own the camera or the film. Thank goodness for price matching. I did not know how capable the film and camera would turn out to be. After over 800 images, and a lot of research, here are the TOP Ten things I have learned:

Top 5 Pro Tips for Choosing A Wedding Photographer

5/15/2017  VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  This “top 5” is going to consist of what I would look for from a photographer photographing my wedding. This is an insider perspective, and the tips themselves will be quite revealing because they place a focus on the story of a wedding, not just the event itself.

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